Volen Sentir release ‘Neunivai’ EP on Shanti Moscow Label

Shanti Moscow Radio welcomes again dream house masters Volen Sentir for three tracks consisting of perfectly escapist grooves. They are at home on labels like All Day I Dream, Lost & Found and often bring ethnic influences to their dubby beats.

Neunivai opens up with lush melodies and dreamy forest sounds drifting over a lush, bassy groove that is supple and seductive. Perfect for meditative dance, it’s a magic opener that takes you miles away from the here and now. Jivoe Serdce does the same trick, but with more dub drums and yawning pads that reach out to the heavens next to super soft bell sounds. It’s perfectly comforting and last of all the trip is completed with Uppovai (Vinyl only), featuring angelic vocals, glossy keys and more balmy pads.

Purchase: https://smarturl.it/Neunivai  

BLOND:ISH and Whitesquare feature with remixes on new Parallells release

Agoria’s Sapiens imprint welcome back Parallells with another great release, ‘Blooming Flower’ featuring two beautiful remixes by BLOND:ISH and Italian artist, Whitesquare.

The Canadian-born, Barcelona-based BLOND:ISH instils a fresh heartbeat and energy to the original, guaranteed to uplift any dance floor whilst Whitesquare brings depth allowing the vocal’s to truly take a world of their own.

Available now:

Spotlight 001: Emanate

Emanate debut in the Spotlight interview series, Emily Fox and Nathan Vain make up the dynamic duo and are known for their melodious and explorative electronic sounds. The US DJ’s and Producers have released on the likes of Culprit, Second State and soon, Family Piknik with their Split Light EP.

‘Split Light’ EP on Family Piknik is available at Beatport.

How have you started 2021?

The start of 2021 was tricky for us to be honest. Usually New Years is celebrated with a monumental performance of some kind and of course due to the pandemic this wasn’t possible. The vaccine had not been determined available yet either so for us it was a bit of a dark time. Thankfully after a month we all received news of the vaccine and things have been looking up since.

Tell us when you first met and why you decided to work together?

We were high school sweethearts and it was love at first sight. Nathan was a DJ and Emily hosted gatherings even back then. You can say we knew what we wanted from the beginning. Both of us have a musical background from childhood and as our journey developed and passion for electronic music grew we started to produce together. It was shortly after that we started performing together.

What is the production set up like?

Our production setup is an ongoing adventure that has been based around Logic & Ableton for quite some time.For us there are so many roads that lead to a finished track and we enjoy that journey in different ways. We have a few choice pieces of hardware (Moog Mother 32, TR-8S) & other gear we use. We usually record some sort of live element into our tracks. Sometimes vocals, hand drums or a synth that we’re automating in real time which allows us to capture special and magical moments that we then articulate through our tracks. 

When the music industry and world of dance music returns, what would be a positive change?

We hope to see the positive change of new talent emerging and a more even playing field for artists and representation in the industry. We hope to see a heightened sense of gratitude from humans in understanding the beauty of freedom as we once had it for the luxuries we didn’t recognize, like to be able to hug and dance together

The new Split Light EP is coming on Family Piknik, with some super remixes, what was the inspiration here?

The inspiration for the ’Split Light’ EP was a combination of sides we feel musically. The title track ‘Split Light’ representing a little more of the positive anthemic vibe versus ‘Flux’ with its deeper melodic presence. We are so pleased with the incredible and stylistic remixes that came from these. 

What’s been your favourite part about this past year?

Our favorite part about last year was the ability to focus on production a bit more and to be able to branch out with releases on other labels aside from our own imprint, Mioli Music.

What does it mean to work closely with the Family Piknik label?

Working with Family Piknik has been a dream come true for us. Our goal has always been to expand and help create a network internationally. Thankfully, Family Piknik share the same ethos and love for our sacred industry and it’s artists. It has been a pleasure to be a part of their label. We look forward to meeting them in person hopefully very soon and in some sort of party fashion 🙂

Please share one of your favourite tracks of all time, a tough question but go!

Our favorite track of all time? Yowzer, well lets say for electronic dance music and probably a predictable answer but ‘Rej’ by Âme was an incredibly influential track for us. However we could answer this question a million times! 

What else do you have in the works for this year?!

We have in the works, a possible relocation to another country! This is super top secret information though so please tell no one..! 😉

Ibiza will reopen outdoor areas soon

Like many other parts of the world, Ibiza is slowly – but surely – returning to normal. In fact, the Spanish island is planning to reopen bars and restaurants next month. However, only outdoor areas will be opened on March 2nd. The indoor areas will open on March 16th, if the establishment has a CO2 meter installed and COVID-19 cases continue to trend downward.

Those measures are part of the de-escalation plan of the Balearic government, published by the news outlet The Olive Press on February 18th. After months of lockdown in Ibiza, you would think businesses received this news with relief – but not that much. The Confederation of Business Associations in the Balearics declared that the de-escalation timeline is “unsatisfactory”. The reason behind this claim is that only 20% of bars and restaurants in Mallorca have outdoor areas.

Nonetheless, having people back in bars will certainly have benefits for the economy. As a matter of fact, tourism represents more than 80% of the economy in Ibiza and nightclubs are a big part of it, as edmtunes reports.

You can read more about the announcement via The Olive Press.

In October last year, it was announced that the Ibiza government has plans for rapid COVID-19 testing systems to open a tourist corridor in 2021. As reported by Nou Diari, the agreed protocol with the relative governing bodies, announced by Moroto, explains that every tourist arriving in the Balaeric or Canary Islands from another country, with an AI (infection rate) of 50 or less per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, will not undergo testing on arrival. Tourists who come from countries with an AI greater than 50 will have to present a negative test carried out less than 48 hours before the flight.

The world’s best-known party island, Ibiza has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Frequent restriction changes, extortionate fines and bans on dancing, parties and smoking have affected the music and hospitality industries hugely. But while it’s hit locals hard, the pause in summer season has also given time for a reset and for the White Isle to regenerate. In a recent feature for DJ Mag, Anu Shukla travelled to Ibiza to investigate.

Dutch government plans to allow festivals from July

Good news! This summer festival season has been blighted the world over for one very obvious reason, but The Netherlands has just offered the latest glimmer of hope after stating that they aim to get shows back on the road after July 1st.

Last month, the Dutch government announced a cancellation fund of more than €300million in order to allow event organizers to reschedule shows panned before July 1st to the second half of the year, with security that they will be covered if the pandemic stops events going ahead any time after that date.

One festival, Liquicity, which is due to take place from the 16th to the 18th July, posted a statement to their website, explaining that the Dutch government had confirmed festivals should be able to go ahead in the country from the 1st July.

“Great news: the Dutch government has announced that they aim to allow festivals after July 1,” the statement from Liquicity said. “In case of festivals still get canceled due to changing COVID circumstances, organizers are likely to be compensated for the costs. Festivals in The Netherlands are currently selling out in record pace due to this new government announcement.”

Liquicity also promised full refunds if the event should end up being canceled — “in case of festivals still get canceled due to changing COVID circumstances, organizers are likely to be compensated for the costs” — and another festival, Lowlands, has announced that two trial events will take place later this year, with 3000 participants expected to present negative COVID-19 tests on entry.

Dutch festivals that usually take place in the spring or early summer such as Awakenings and DGTL have revealed they are rescheduling to autumn in order to be covered by the cancellation fund.

Awakenings Festival will now take place across September 11 and 12, and tickets are already sold out. Its website notes: “The COVID-19 pandemic is still not over, but things are starting to look a bit brighter, so we now aim for the second weekend of September.”

Berlin clubbing won’t be back to normal until 2022

The Berlin Club Commission expects it will take nearly two more years for the city’s nightlife to return back to its pre-pandemic state, as Mixmag reports.

Pamela Schobeß, chairwoman of the nightlife umbrella organisation who also runs the club Gretchen made this prediction. She said to rbb24: “We are the first to be closed and the last to be allowed to reopen.”

Schobeß noted that events planned for March 2021 have already been postponed for a year, and called on the local and state governments to continue financially supporting the sector when the country prepares to ease restrictions, saying: “It cannot go from zero to one hundred.” Government support is currently secured until June this year.

RA spoke to a representative who agreed “2021 does not really promise to be any better than the past 2020,” adding: “What we know and appreciate as a club culture depends on intensity, closeness, contact, intoxicating nights, sharing, and exchange. As long as there is a risk of exponential infection and people die from COVID-19 every day, a return to the dance floor is not to be expected.

More than 2,500 at an illegal rave in France

French police on Saturday shut down an illegal rave in northwestern France that had been underway since New Year’s Eve in defiance of a curfew and coronavirus restrictions.

A statement from local authorities said police faced “fierce hostility from many partygoers”. At least three officers were injured while attempting to shut down the party after attendees threw objects at them. A vehicle was also set on fire.

More than 2,5000 people attended the warehouse rave in Lieuron, near Rennes in the region of Brittany. Police said a number of them were from the UK and Spain.

The ongoing investigation has not seen sanctions yet though 800 fines for COVID-19 violations and 400 fines for drug offenses have been issued. Upon discovery of the event, police blocked passage to it but somehow the trucks escaped through a single lane. When attempting to shut down the rave, “violent hostility” ensued. That included setting a police car on fire, damaging other vehicles, and spraying soldiers with projectiles. Gendarmes officers seized trucks, sound systems, and generators from the event.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Twitter that trucks, sound equipment and generators were seized at the scene and an investigation has been opened.

More than 1,200 fines were issued for non-compliance with the curfew, not wearing a mask and attending an illegal gathering, Mr Darmanin said.

5 techno tracks released this week you should hear

For true techno heads, there is never enough great techno music, so besides timeless classics of the genre, great tracks are being released every day.

Here are Top 5 techno tracks freshly released. Play them loud and let us know your favorites in the comments.


Nastia plays her set at the haunting area of Chernobyl in Ukraine

For the second episode of Scary Beautiful – the audiovisual project created by DJ Nastia in collaboration with Ballantine’s, the DJ along her team visited the haunting area of Chernobyl in Ukraine – specifically the Chernobyl-2 facility, where the over-the-horizon radar station ‘Duga’ is located and where she played a DJ set.

The Soviet over-the-horizon radar station “Duga” located at the Chernobyl-2 which is not far from Pryp’yat facility is one of three comparable stations that survived to this day. The obvious reason for the aforementioned was the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – the destruction of the reactor of the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, located near the city of Pripyat, Ukraine. Until the mid-1980s, any information regarding the topic was classified which led to many speculations about the mysterious object. In terms of its impressive magnitude, the antennas of ‘Duga’ are 140m high and 300m wide. A rocket launched from the US reached the territory of Ukraine in just 20 minutes, so radars stationed at the border could detect the missile just five minutes before impact. Accordingly, an early warning system was required that was capable of detecting a rocket three to four minutes after launch. Undoubtedly, Chernobyl is a place that to this day stirs the hearts and minds of mankind.

As part of the Scary Beautiful project and following Ballantine’s with its notion of ‘True Music’ , Nastia has been pre-selecting unreleased tracks by producers from all over the globe, some of which you can hear in the episode’s DJ mix – later, some of these tracks will become a part of an LP that is going to be released via Nastia’s label NECHTO.

As the world has to adapt to a new pandemic reality, Nastia DJ is looking for new ways of supporting the global music community and club music through exposing fresh and upcoming talents. Scary Beautiful is aimed to not only support new artists, but also holds an objective of discovering our world anew and seeing it from a perspective that is so frightfully enchanting.

Metarøs – Static Influence (NECHTO)
ORBE – Minds Over (NECHTO)
David Löhlein – Insights
Boan Leitt – Pandemic Call (NECHTO)
LLL – 00 Phaze (NECHTO)
Phil Molchanov – Kuzyuka (NECHTO)
Ben Kinsky – Crystals Falling From The Sky (NECHTO)
Elijah Tarkhanov – Perfomance (NECHTO)
Iván Cubillos – Onofre (NECHTO)
Samuel Andrášik – Remain (NECHTO)
Soned – Thought it Was A Dream (NECHTO)
A.V.D. – Silence (NECHTO)
Metarøs – Сlosed Area (NECHTO)
Inigo Kennedy – Trees Fell In Brody (NECHTO)