Sonus Festival shares 2022 dates

Sonus Festival 2021 has announced its cancellation of its 2021 edition and states that because of all limitations and restrictions we expected to encounter, they do not believe that they could have presented an experience worthy of what Sonus stands for.

The new edition will take place through August 21st – August 25th 2022. With a lot of ticket holders from 2020 keeping their tickets, make sure to sign up for the limited Early Bird Private Pre-Sale starting on 18th.

Full details:

Mikey Lion enlists Justin Martin and more on his debut ‘For The Love’ album

Love—it’s one of the strongest and most universal connectors in our world. It’s also the driving force behind everything Mikey Lion does, from the music he crafts to the events he runs as the leader of Desert Hearts, to the circles he keeps. To honor this all-encompassing force, the artist today releases the full rendition of For The Love, his debut studio album, and the 100th release on Desert Hearts Records.

STREAM ‘For The Love’:

For The Love is ultimately a culmination of the triumphs and tribulations Mikey Lion has faced through the years since he first set out to bring the mantra of House, Techno, Love to a global scale—and is also a marker of an artist just beginning to step into his own sonically. Its timeless influences and multifaceted, yet polished sound design point to an artist who’s put in the work to master his craft. Through painstaking detail, instrumentation, and arrangement, Mikey manages to tell years worth of stories in just nine compositions.

At the end of the day, the lesson remains: community comes first always, and the decisions we make should be guided by, if not entirely, For The Love


  1. Mikey Lion – Above The Clouds
  2. Mikey Lion, Justin Martin – Through The Fog
  3. Mikey Lion, Lubelski, Jackson Englund – When I’m With You
  4. Mikey Lion, Rybo – Meditation
  5. Mikey Lion, Sacha Robotti – Do or Die
  6. Mikey Lion – Spot Freak
  7. Mikey Lion – Burn With me
  8. Mikey Lion – For The Love of What?
  9. Mikey Lion, Lubelski – Talking To The Trees
  10. Oumou Sangare – Djoukourou (Auntie Flo Remix) (Mikey Lion Edit)

Mikey Lion
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Desert Hearts
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Spotlight 002: Michael Klein

Michael Klein is considered to be one of the Techno scenes’ staple names, born in Frankfurt, the German artist takes inspiration from the likes of Robert Johnson and has shared many energetic and raw techno releases across a slew of top end labels. Support on his music ranges from Danny Tengalia and Pan-Pot through to Laurent Garnier and Dubfire.

This month Michael’s ‘Lips’ EP is out on Turkish imprint RX Recordings and we got to welcome him for a chat on all things music, a reflection on the past year personally and for the industry as well as some key artists he is keeping his eyes on.

Michael Klein’s ‘Lips’ EP is out now via Beatport

Describe the past year – what are the positives from the bad situation?

The past year has been a challenge for everybody. Aside from all the horrible things happening around the world I luckily managed to switch my mind around rather quickly. Knowing that this phase will not pass after a couple of weeks I wanted to use the time to reflect and make use of it as efficiently as possible. Once you get out of the hamster wheel you realise the things that actually matter and are really important for you. With the constant pressure of trying to get more bookings, trying to get higher up in the charts, trying to be more active on social media connecting with fans you can quickly get lost and slowly stop really enjoying what started out as a deeply rooted passion.
Not having that pressure really helped me to get more focus into my productions and helped me to develop my sound further.

I also realised that all that stress and pressure is very counterproductive. Aside from the music things I was able to spend a lot of time with family and also develop a new passion for cycling which helps me to keep my mind clear as well. Long story short, for me the main positive of this horrible situation is personal development which will hopefully help me to be a better human from here on.

When the scene is fully back to its feet, what do you think will be different, and what do you think is a positive change from the old?

Clubs and raves are supposed to be places where you can let loose, be who you truly are and leave your worries at the coatcheck. As covid will still be something that will accompany us for the near future I worry a bit that it will take a while before we can really feel truly worry free and safe when going out. But given the circumstances that is ok and it will be a learning and adjustment process.

On the positive side I think we all will appreciate those nights out way more. Now after it has been taken away from us for so long, a lot of us really understand what the scene means to us. So maybe when you are at a rave you will spend less time on your phone Instagramming but rather trying to enjoy the moment to its fullest.

Tell us about your new ‘Lips’ EP – What inspired it?

A lot of time I get inspired by new toys that I get into the studio. This EP is no different. I created it shortly after I started getting into my modular setup. The main leads or sounds are all coming from various modules from my modular system. Especially with the track Lips I loved to play around with the main synth line letting it develop and move around throughout the whole track.

Specifically when producing it, what gear did you utilise?

As I mentioned most of it is coming from my modular setup. To be honest I don’t really remember which sound came from which module configuration but back then I was using the Noise Engineering modules a lot as well as the Moog Dfam. The percussions have been added afterwards, mainly from Native Instruments Maschine.

Tell us some of the music you have been listening to lately, any new artists to highlight?

I had my phases over the past months. I had a phase when I was listening to a lot of Trance records from when I started getting into DJing. Like the early Ferry Corsten and Tiesto tracks. But these days I m listening to a lot of sets especially stuff on the Hör and BCCO channels. There have been some amazing sets up from people like Future.666, MARRØN and of course the one and only Patrick Mason.

What is the most important message from your music, whats the most defining part of your tracks, the bass, melody or groove?

It’s all about the drive and the groove. It just needs to sound sexy.

RX Recordings:
Michael Klein:

Solardo present HIGHER in Croatia alongside Heidi, Danny Howard, Andrea Oliva and more

Solardo are bringing HIGHER, a three-day and night Croatian extravaganza to Culture Club Revelin. Also supplying the sounds are superstar friends including Andrea Oliva, Danny Howard, Heidi, Max Chapman, Nic Fanciulli and wAFF, and that’s only phase one of the line-up. Sign up now for first access to tickets on May 13th at 10am. 

The historic old town of Dubrovnik is an idyllic old-world setting right on Croatia’s south coast by the Adriatic Sea. It has gorgeous stone architecture, ancient clock towers and famous red tiled roofs. There’s a friendly, bustling atmosphere, winding streets filled with restaurants and bars, and plenty of sights made famous in Game of Thrones. By day, the sky is stunning azure blue, but as the sun sets it turns flame red and burnt orange. You will be right there dancing on the terrace of Culture Club Revelin as this stunning transition happens. Once it’s dark, the party heads inside what is one of DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs in the world. 

Date: 23rd – 25th September


New London club reopens with full schedule including Chelina Manuhutu, Kevin de Vries and more

Orange Yard is all set to become the new home for proper house music in London. Bucking the trend for large super clubs, the compact and stylish venue offers something for those who prefer more snug club experiences. As well as an all-new terrace, it has a cosy 300 capacity club space that will cover all styles from deep to Chicago, organic to soulful. 

Say the club, “We are over the moon to be reopening on May 17th for our series of socially distanced shows, featuring international as well as local London talent.  We have recently renovated our Funktion One system to provide unmatched sound clarity across the full breadth of the dance floor, making Orange Yard the perfect space to experience house music in the West End, with an unparalleled sound and musical experience.”

To perform will be the likes of cutting-edge selector Kevin de Vries who will play for six hours in August whilst Slovenian talent Brina Knauss, who has achieved widespread notoriety and respect for her DJ skills will play on September 17th, Dutch-born, Ibiza-based star Chelina Manuhutu will show why she is one house’s hottest properties with her powerful grooves on September 24th. 

Between now and the end of summer, brands like Lost Paradiso, Frame, Eastern Grooves, La Dense, Way Out, Oscillate, Deep Into Soul, Care3, Disturbia, Concrete Music, Danza and more will also curate their own special events.



Sold Out : Suburb Launch Party
Ben Murphy, One Over, Chris Gialanze


Modern Funktion presents Endor

Eastern Grooves at Orange Yard
Darrell Privett

Soul In Motion: Need For Mirrors ‘Flames’ Party
Need For Mirrors

Lost Paradiso

Desti’nei with Daniel Orpi
Teddy Jiyane, Guy Mac, Daniel Orpi, Charlie Harvey

Raveready (Back To The Yard)

Kirk Paten, Brian Smith, RAFE, Tilli Murphy

Endless: Nakadia, Lino Fuso, Bohemien
Nakadia, Bohemien, Lino Fuso, Fiorella, Fai Faii


Oscillate presents: The Return

Way Out, Break the Line – 1st Anniversary with Syreeta, BRADII and More..

Frame Presents: Amine Edge & Dance

La Danse presents: Viken Arman, B.o.T
Viken Arman, B.o.T

Deep Into Soul
Sy Sez, Craig Smith, Wez Whynt, Neil Pierce

Danza X Orange Yard

Crowded 004: Showcase
RomanT, KAMEROL, Greg Nox

OUTRSPACE – We’ve Landed
James Dexter, Ozzie Guven, Jake Jackson

Sam Beach, Alf2

Cutting Edge Underground Series
Ross Roberts, Ben Read, Tilli Murphy

10 Years of Concrete Music

Care3: Summer Party

Outback London
Will Taylor, MR WISKIN, JayLeeTaylor, Rennie Peters

Way Out – Break the Line at Orange Yard

Savio Testa, Charlotte Van de Peer

Night Dreamers Presents: Mike Dunn

Allnighter // Kevin de Vries [6 Hour set]
Kevin de Vries

Lance Morgan

Raveready (Groove Down Low)
Late Replies, Brian Smith, RAFE, Kry, Max Dean, Tilli Murphy, Adam Robbo

Distorsion Opening Party
Taylor Crane

Pomme Frite & Concrete Music Party

Night Dreamers Presents: Brina Knauss

TLT London Reunion.

Night Dreamers Presents: Chelina Manuhutu

Labyrinth Sessions: Perel All Night Long

3,000 People Attend The First Legal Rave

The UK’s first legal club event since the coronavirus pandemic forced a national lockdown last March just took place, and the atmosphere was magic.

Earlier this month, it was announced that 6,000 people would be attending Liverpool’s Bramley-Moore Dock for two events taking place across one weekend, allowing the government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) to study club environments and the spread of coronavirus.

The first rave was Yousef’s party Circus hosting The Blessed Madonna, Jayda G, Lauren Lo Sung and more. The second Circus event at Bramley-Moore Dock takes place with Fatboy Slim, Hot Since 82, Heidi b2b Jaguar, Enzo Siragusa and more.

Attendees were required to live within a Liverpool City Region postcode to be able to attend, and were also required to have a negative coronavirus lateral flow test 24 hours prior to the event. Face coverings and social distancing were not required.

Check out more photos here.

Emerging Artist 001: Wain

Presenting the emerging UK techno artist, Wain. The artist has been making prominent strides in the techno within the UK and abroad with some great sounds on his very own, Rammer Records.

This week we host him in the emerging artists series, ahead of his proposed ‘Human Touch’ single on Friday. We got to know more about his sound, his influences and what we can look forward to on the new imprint.

‘Human Touch’ is out via Rammer Records on Friday – everything Rammer Records can be found here:

How has 2021 been for you as an artist?

2021 has been a good year for me so far despite what’s been going on recently. I released my debut single ‘Eternity’ on Technologic Recordings at the end of February which is a heavy acid track, meanwhile I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio just creating stuff. Ive completely upgraded my dj set up too so I’ve spent a bit of time sorting that out. Music wise I’ve got some new tracks coming out this year which I’m excited to announce and got some new stuff landing on my label this year too. I’ve also done a fair few livestreams but I’m now focusing more time in the studio, so things are looking good for this year. 

You are a new artist, head of RAMMER Records, tell us more about the ethos of the label?

I’ve always liked the thought of having my own label and my own sound so i thought why not? The name ‘Rammer’ is actually a slang term from where I am from which basically means a track is a banger, so the name fits well. It also acts as a platform for my own music which i will regularly be putting out under the label, also because there are a lot of talented people out there who don’t get a chance to show what they can do because there is so much competition nowadays, so I’d like to give them that opportunity to do so. In future i’d like to do my own events under the label which would be cool. But really it’s all about good techno music, rammers only. 

How did you first begin your journey into the world of dance music and in particular Techno?

I’ve always loved music ever since I was young but as I’ve got older I’ve gone through so many different genres and different kinds of music, but electronic music has always been the favourite. When I was younger I started listening to dubstep which then moved to house and disco in my teens. I was 18 when I went to my first music festival which was Parklife in the UK, I went with a group of mates for the last day of the festival which was the Sunday. I didn’t know everybody that was on the line-up but I knew a good few so I thought I’d go. From that day everything changed.

I still listen to different genres of dance music but techno is by far the favourite, it just has a certain feel to it that no other genre does. Nowadays i listen to techno non-stop, I’m always looking for new music to play and always creating new ideas i can implement into my own tracks, i don’t think i’ll stop listening to techno for a very very long time. I went to Awakenings festival in 2019 and I would say that was the greatest weekend of my life, the music, the atmosphere, the vibe, it was incredible. 

Human Touch is the next release to arrive on RAMMER Records – is the Single synonymous with the lack of human touch that’s been present over the past year?

Yeah you could say that, I originally wanted to create an absolute banger or ‘rammer’ that could bring people together after such a long time of no touch or contact. This past year has been so hard for everyone so if I can make a track that can change somebody’s mood or make them happy then I’m happy. This track has a lot of good elements in it and i can’t wait to hear it on a proper sound system, hopefully sometime soon.  I’m also really looking forward to getting this debut release out and getting things rolling with the label, there’s a lot of exciting times ahead. Hopefully the future is bright and we can be a lot closer together after such a long time, because that’s what we need.

Where would you like to perform when the world of events returns?

I’ve been to a lot of places for festivals and music events but in terms of playing I’ve always wanted to play for Awakenings whether that be at the Gashouder or any of the events and festivals.

I’ve never actually been to the Gashouder but to play there would be a dream come true. Timewarp is also one of those amazing events which I’d love to play, but realistically I’d be happy playing anywhere. The whole reason I got into this was because I love music and love playing music, the fact that a single track or a melody can change your mood instantly just shows how powerful it actually is. 

What is your studio setup like, any favourable pieces of equipment to highlight?

So in my studio i have quite a few things i like to use, for my kicks and drums i use the Auturia Drumbrute which is a great piece of kit for creating those powerful heavy sounding kicks. For my basslines I use the Moog Sub Phatty again a great bit of equipment, when creating acid lines in my tracks I’ll use the Roland TB3, and for other components I use Korg Minilogue and a bunch of other VST’s. I use a variety of equipment in my tracks but all under my own sound, it’s good to be unique with your music. 

What are the future plans for the label, or any other individual projects you are working on?

At the moment I’m just keen to get the label off the ground and get the ball rolling, We have releases lined up for the rest of the year with some local talent dropping releases and also some more music from me. In the future i’d like to do my own events and parties and hopefully can get some big names onboard but until then i’ll see how things go. In terms of other projects i have just started an event with a few friends called ‘Techa’ which is a Tech-House and Techno showcase, with the first event being held in Manchester at the end of july. We’ve set it up to help get some more normality back into our lives and get the scene kicking again, everybody misses the raves so why not do our own?

Please share with us one track which has touched you and will never leave your mind.

That’s a tough one, there’s so many tracks which are always going through my head but i think the one that overall resonates with me the most is  Adam Beyer – Your Mind. When you’re at an event or a rave and you start to hear them vocals coming and your hairs stand on end, it’s nothing but pure vibes. I’m glad to say I’ve been to a lot of places where I’ve heard it live and it’s always been a good one. 

Ricardo Villalobos, The Blessed Madonna and more head to London for Amnesia x Do Not Sleep

Amnesia presents PYRAMID, a spectacular Dual Staged, Day into Night, Open Air and Indoor Warehouse Party on Friday 3rd September 2021, bringing Ibiza to London for the first time in the city since the last sell out event at Printworks in 2019. 

Programmed from midday until 10.30pm, the all-day summer party will witness Pyramid host an open air stage headlined by Ricardo Villalobos, Honey Dijon, Special Request, Mar-T b2b Luca Donzelli and very special guest, The Blessed Madonna. An indoor warehouse stage is to be hosted by Ibiza born brand Do Not Sleep with Ilario Alicante, Richy Ahmed, Marco Faraone, Sidney Charles b2b Prunk and Ray Mono. 

After so long away from the dance floor, this is set to be a show that will live long in the memory, and will be the only Pyramid show that will take place in the capital this year. Tickets start at £39.50 with a seven day window to sign up which opens on Friday 23rd April at 11am.

When both brands set to fly into London for this all-day party, you can expect the hedonistic sound of the White Isle from the island’s most famous associates.


TICKETS: From £39.50 (Seven day window to sign up for the event opens Monday April 12th at 3pm)

EVENT TIMES: 3rd September 2021 – Midday to 10.30pm (last entry 6pm)

VENUE ADDRESS: Meridian Water, Argon Rd, London N18 3BW

Amnesia presents PYRAMID
Ricardo Villalobos
Honey Dijon
Special Request
Mar-T b2b Luca Donzelli
Very Special Guest: The Blessed Madonna

Ilario Alicante
Richy Ahmed
Marco Faraone
Sidney Charles b2b Prunk
Ray Mono

Volen Sentir release ‘Neunivai’ EP on Shanti Moscow Label

Shanti Moscow Radio welcomes again dream house masters Volen Sentir for three tracks consisting of perfectly escapist grooves. They are at home on labels like All Day I Dream, Lost & Found and often bring ethnic influences to their dubby beats.

Neunivai opens up with lush melodies and dreamy forest sounds drifting over a lush, bassy groove that is supple and seductive. Perfect for meditative dance, it’s a magic opener that takes you miles away from the here and now. Jivoe Serdce does the same trick, but with more dub drums and yawning pads that reach out to the heavens next to super soft bell sounds. It’s perfectly comforting and last of all the trip is completed with Uppovai (Vinyl only), featuring angelic vocals, glossy keys and more balmy pads.


BLOND:ISH and Whitesquare feature with remixes on new Parallells release

Agoria’s Sapiens imprint welcome back Parallells with another great release, ‘Blooming Flower’ featuring two beautiful remixes by BLOND:ISH and Italian artist, Whitesquare.

The Canadian-born, Barcelona-based BLOND:ISH instils a fresh heartbeat and energy to the original, guaranteed to uplift any dance floor whilst Whitesquare brings depth allowing the vocal’s to truly take a world of their own.

Available now: