Spotlight 001: Emanate

Emanate debut in the Spotlight interview series, Emily Fox and Nathan Vain make up the dynamic duo and are known for their melodious and explorative electronic sounds. The US DJ’s and Producers have released on the likes of Culprit, Second State and soon, Family Piknik with their Split Light EP.

‘Split Light’ EP on Family Piknik is available at Beatport.

How have you started 2021?

The start of 2021 was tricky for us to be honest. Usually New Years is celebrated with a monumental performance of some kind and of course due to the pandemic this wasn’t possible. The vaccine had not been determined available yet either so for us it was a bit of a dark time. Thankfully after a month we all received news of the vaccine and things have been looking up since.

Tell us when you first met and why you decided to work together?

We were high school sweethearts and it was love at first sight. Nathan was a DJ and Emily hosted gatherings even back then. You can say we knew what we wanted from the beginning. Both of us have a musical background from childhood and as our journey developed and passion for electronic music grew we started to produce together. It was shortly after that we started performing together.

What is the production set up like?

Our production setup is an ongoing adventure that has been based around Logic & Ableton for quite some time.For us there are so many roads that lead to a finished track and we enjoy that journey in different ways. We have a few choice pieces of hardware (Moog Mother 32, TR-8S) & other gear we use. We usually record some sort of live element into our tracks. Sometimes vocals, hand drums or a synth that we’re automating in real time which allows us to capture special and magical moments that we then articulate through our tracks. 

When the music industry and world of dance music returns, what would be a positive change?

We hope to see the positive change of new talent emerging and a more even playing field for artists and representation in the industry. We hope to see a heightened sense of gratitude from humans in understanding the beauty of freedom as we once had it for the luxuries we didn’t recognize, like to be able to hug and dance together

The new Split Light EP is coming on Family Piknik, with some super remixes, what was the inspiration here?

The inspiration for the ’Split Light’ EP was a combination of sides we feel musically. The title track ‘Split Light’ representing a little more of the positive anthemic vibe versus ‘Flux’ with its deeper melodic presence. We are so pleased with the incredible and stylistic remixes that came from these. 

What’s been your favourite part about this past year?

Our favorite part about last year was the ability to focus on production a bit more and to be able to branch out with releases on other labels aside from our own imprint, Mioli Music.

What does it mean to work closely with the Family Piknik label?

Working with Family Piknik has been a dream come true for us. Our goal has always been to expand and help create a network internationally. Thankfully, Family Piknik share the same ethos and love for our sacred industry and it’s artists. It has been a pleasure to be a part of their label. We look forward to meeting them in person hopefully very soon and in some sort of party fashion 🙂

Please share one of your favourite tracks of all time, a tough question but go!

Our favorite track of all time? Yowzer, well lets say for electronic dance music and probably a predictable answer but ‘Rej’ by Âme was an incredibly influential track for us. However we could answer this question a million times! 

What else do you have in the works for this year?!

We have in the works, a possible relocation to another country! This is super top secret information though so please tell no one..! 😉

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