Spotlight 002: Michael Klein

Michael Klein is considered to be one of the Techno scenes’ staple names, born in Frankfurt, the German artist takes inspiration from the likes of Robert Johnson and has shared many energetic and raw techno releases across a slew of top end labels. Support on his music ranges from Danny Tengalia and Pan-Pot through to Laurent Garnier and Dubfire.

This month Michael’s ‘Lips’ EP is out on Turkish imprint RX Recordings and we got to welcome him for a chat on all things music, a reflection on the past year personally and for the industry as well as some key artists he is keeping his eyes on.

Michael Klein’s ‘Lips’ EP is out now via Beatport

Describe the past year – what are the positives from the bad situation?

The past year has been a challenge for everybody. Aside from all the horrible things happening around the world I luckily managed to switch my mind around rather quickly. Knowing that this phase will not pass after a couple of weeks I wanted to use the time to reflect and make use of it as efficiently as possible. Once you get out of the hamster wheel you realise the things that actually matter and are really important for you. With the constant pressure of trying to get more bookings, trying to get higher up in the charts, trying to be more active on social media connecting with fans you can quickly get lost and slowly stop really enjoying what started out as a deeply rooted passion.
Not having that pressure really helped me to get more focus into my productions and helped me to develop my sound further.

I also realised that all that stress and pressure is very counterproductive. Aside from the music things I was able to spend a lot of time with family and also develop a new passion for cycling which helps me to keep my mind clear as well. Long story short, for me the main positive of this horrible situation is personal development which will hopefully help me to be a better human from here on.

When the scene is fully back to its feet, what do you think will be different, and what do you think is a positive change from the old?

Clubs and raves are supposed to be places where you can let loose, be who you truly are and leave your worries at the coatcheck. As covid will still be something that will accompany us for the near future I worry a bit that it will take a while before we can really feel truly worry free and safe when going out. But given the circumstances that is ok and it will be a learning and adjustment process.

On the positive side I think we all will appreciate those nights out way more. Now after it has been taken away from us for so long, a lot of us really understand what the scene means to us. So maybe when you are at a rave you will spend less time on your phone Instagramming but rather trying to enjoy the moment to its fullest.

Tell us about your new ‘Lips’ EP – What inspired it?

A lot of time I get inspired by new toys that I get into the studio. This EP is no different. I created it shortly after I started getting into my modular setup. The main leads or sounds are all coming from various modules from my modular system. Especially with the track Lips I loved to play around with the main synth line letting it develop and move around throughout the whole track.

Specifically when producing it, what gear did you utilise?

As I mentioned most of it is coming from my modular setup. To be honest I don’t really remember which sound came from which module configuration but back then I was using the Noise Engineering modules a lot as well as the Moog Dfam. The percussions have been added afterwards, mainly from Native Instruments Maschine.

Tell us some of the music you have been listening to lately, any new artists to highlight?

I had my phases over the past months. I had a phase when I was listening to a lot of Trance records from when I started getting into DJing. Like the early Ferry Corsten and Tiesto tracks. But these days I m listening to a lot of sets especially stuff on the Hör and BCCO channels. There have been some amazing sets up from people like Future.666, MARRØN and of course the one and only Patrick Mason.

What is the most important message from your music, whats the most defining part of your tracks, the bass, melody or groove?

It’s all about the drive and the groove. It just needs to sound sexy.

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