Spotlight 004: Manuel Bayer

Manuel Bayer, an artist from Freiburg, Germany is an artist who’s been steadily building a foundation and reputation for himself in the dance music industry. From launching his own radio show Wohnzimmer FFM in 2014, through to making the move to Berlin in 2018 (and releasing his first single!), he’s taken strong strides – he now heads up Daisy Dans Records and presents the latest single ‘Rocket’, this week.

We discussed his history, the new music and what someone should be thinking about before submitting a demo to Daisy Dans Records.

‘Rocket’ by Manuel Bayer is available via Daisy Dans Records Beatport

How are you – what’s good and how has 2021 been for you?

Thank you, I am doing well. 2021 was not an easy year for me so far, because I couldn’t perform in front of a real audience. But I used the free time to produce music in my studio. Two great releases came out of it. In March I released my track “Hibiscus”, now the track “Rocket” follows. The tracks show my musical facets, but the typical “DaisyTech Sound” runs through like a red thread. I hope, even though it might not be easy at this time, to play my own sound as well as my DJ sets in front of real audiences worldwide this year.

What has been the major challenges over the last year – what did you do to get through this?

The biggest challenge for me was that I could no longer devote myself fully to music. I had signed my international booking contract in January 2020 with the agency Omega Artists, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, and unfortunately Corona came immediately. Due to the fact that I had no bookings, my financial cushion was quickly depleted and I had to look for a part-time job. I think that’s how a lot of aspiring artists felt. In June 2020 I decided to move from Berlin to my hometown Freiburg. I built my own external studio here and of course continue to work on my music. Due to the fact that I couldn’t perform in front of a real audience, I put my focus on live streaming via social media for now. With the weekly online event “From Home with Love” I was able to reach thousands of people. Furthermore, I played at the festival “Virtual DJ Stages” by “Killed With Kidness” (California). Even though the last year was not always easy, I never thought of giving up. I am a fighter and I know that I inspire people with my music.

What stage is Germany at with parties – do you have anything scheduled, are you attending any?

So far, the big clubs in Germany are unfortunately still largely closed. Open air festivals take place sporadically, but mostly the artists are booked for this, who should already form the line-up last year. So I have not planned any gigs yet. I will continue to spend the time first in the studio and work on my sound. As soon as it starts again properly, I would like to be with my own, fresh sound at the start.

What is your opinion on raves taking place defying restrictions?

I understand that people want to experience something again and want to party, but I don’t really think much of illegal raves. Due to the accumulation of mostly young people who are not yet vaccinated, the virus can spread faster again. Sure, young people usually don’t have such a bad course, but should the numbers rise again, it could be that the gigs for 2022 are also at risk. I would rather wait this year and then start next year at full throttle.

Tell us about your sound, the melodies, the progressive style, where did you begin with this?

Since you can’t classify my sound with Techno or Tech House, I developed my own style of music. DaisyTech is a new kind of electronic music. It is a mixture of Techno and Tech House. It captivates with its very own line of melodies and tones. The special thing about DaisyTech, besides the new sound color, is that you can feel the love with which the music was produced – but with a driving bass line as well as rhythm. My style of music was inspired by CocoonClub, where I worked for several years planning and executing events. We are breaking boundaries and want to establish our new music style DaisyTech on the market.

What inspired your new ‘Rocket’ release on Daisy Dans?

The story behind the track is the awakening of the world. After a long, hard time, people can now breathe a sigh of relief and start again with new strength. People want to go out again, experience something and have fun. I want to pick up the dance people with my track and take them on a journey through the galaxy. All the problems of the past are forgotten in weightlessness and hardly visible from space. With the rocket it goes into a new, better time, in which we can celebrate life exuberantly again.

Tell us more about your record label – what is the musical mission and ethos?

Daisy Dans was founded in Berlin in 2018 and embodies technology, experience and ambition with only one goal: to share the enthusiasm for electronic music with the world. I live for beats and bass and have made it my mission to make people happy with my music. Thereby our target group is broad. “DaisyTech” is for people who love music and go through life in a positive way. They are modern and have fun discovering new things.The name of the label is made up of the English word “Daisy” and the Danish word “Dans” dance together. Just like the popular flowers, the spirit of Daisy Dans blooms all year round. With my passion for electronic music and my power of persuasion, I want to create
something great. And there are already plans for the future. I want to sign more young, talented artists to give them the chance to release their tracks through my label. Furthermore, a merchandise line is planned for the near future.

For someone looking to share demos with Daisy Dans, what would you recommend to them?

It is important to me first and foremost that the person has fun with the music and you can feel this in his music. My label stands for positive, happy vibes and so should be his music. The tracks should have a driving bassline and an incoming melody. It’s also important that the tracks are neither too fast nor too slow (125-127 BPM) would be perfect. Overall, it just has to fit – me and my sounds. The tracks should stand out from the crowd and have a new, exciting sound. It just has to make you want more.

For Manuel Bayer specifically, what other projects are in the works, anything you can share with us?

There are some projects planned in the next time. I will be in the studio a lot and produce new music. Right now I’m also talking to a singer from Ireland. We want to do a track together – I produce the instrumental and she does the vocals. I’m really excited about the collaboration. I think it will definitely be a great track. Overall, I’ll be releasing a few tracks and I’m planning an EP for 2022. I’m also currently talking more with my booking agency again. I hope that I can perform in front of a real audience again soon.

Manuel Bayer

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