Rebekah to release The Bitter Boys Club EP

Last week, she launched the #ForTheMusic campaign with an open letter asking venues, promoters, and other organizations to ensure safe spaces and take action against abusers.

Rebekah’s next EP, The Bitter Boys Club, is due out on October 26th.

The Bitter Boys Club is the British DJ’s first release of 2020 on her frequent label home Soma Recordings, and her second EP of 2020.

Charlotte De Witte Channels Dancefloor joy into ‘Rave on Time’

Charlotte De Witte has released a new EP titled ‘Rave On Time’ via her KNTXT label. The release notes state the four-track outing is “about reminding us of the joys of being lost on the dancefloor”. It marks the seventh release on KNTXT, showcasing tough and throbbing techno.

Charlotte said: “Rave On Time. Three words that probably have never been more relevant. In a time where raving feels like a distant memory, it seems increasingly important to bring music back in our lives, in reverse. Let’s not forget where we came from and let’s not lose hope. We’ll be together again soon. Rave On Time.”

Buy and stream the EP here.