Spotlight 005: Magnuss

A young upcoming rising artist, Magnuss has recently been performing at ADE. 

His own imprint, Release Your Mind Records, has been a champion of rising techno sounds, including a string of his very own releases, including Alone Again

How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

I’m doing well, thanks. To be honest I’m really happy with the progress I’m making right now. I’m busy with my music and finding my sound in the studio. Unfortunately this year due to COVID I wasn’t able to perform that much.

Tell us about growing up in Mallorca, and how you got into music?

I got into music when my mother realized that i had a passion for music and suggested i should DJ for her 50th birthday, after that she took me to an Avicii concert where i fell in love with DJ’ing. I just said one day I will do tha and ever since I haven’t thought any different.

What styles did you love at first, why did you want to DJ and produce?

So I started making more commercial music until my mother then later introduced me to one of the members from Pig&Dan, Igor (Pig) makes techno music. That was when I first listened to techno. Igor has been my mentor and has been a very very big influence in my life and sound. I am massively inspired by him. I have always said good music is good music. Doesn’t really matter the genre as long as it makes you dance. 

Tell us about the trip to the Netherlands you made that changed your

perspective on dance music?

Yes indeed, I moved to Amsterdam because of the vibe of the city. I felt really welcome and felt like it was better for my career to move here, because the dance music industry is based a lot in and around Amsterdam. 

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What

role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art,

personal relationships, politics etc play?

Honestly, the impulse to produce something. I just feel inspired at times and sometimes I don’t and it’s okay if I don’t feel inspired. But usually what sparks ideas are my surroundings, my feelings, moods, the people I’m with… It can literally be anything!

When inspiration strikes it just strikes I wouldn’t really know how to answer that question why and how.

Where is your best environment as a DJ? A small dark club or a huge

outdoor festival stage? late at night for the weirdos or early so you

can play slow and eclectic?!

I really love bunker style parties and dark intimate rooms but of course festivals are awesome as well.

Tell us about what inspired or influenced the tune on Release Your

Mind Records.

The music that we are releasing on Release Your Mind can be from deeper melodic techno to 140BPM+ darker styles of techno as long as it’s good music. My new single ‘Alone Again’ is actually a very old project from 3 years ago that I found this year again and with a few tweaks it was done, I’m very happy that it finally sees daylight.

The gear I’m using in my studio is mainly software, but next to that I have a TR-8 from Roland. As an audio interface I use an UAD Apollo Twin and my monitors are the LYD-25 from DynAudio. On my MacBook I use Ableton LIVE together with the Push2 and some plugins like the ones of UAD and Fabfilter.

–  What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I have lots of projects in the near future like every month at least one record on my record label. Also this summer Pig&Dan and I went into the studio for a song and it’s finally finished so more about that probably very soon. Also artists are releasing on Release Your Mind Records as we are rolling out releases every second friday. This week I have my ADE party at Akhnaton on Thursday October 14 with also Pig&Dan on the line-up, and in December I’m playing in Utrecht, Tivoli at a party from The Rocketman called ‘The Launch’.

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